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Parents need to be responsible for their child’s gaming habits not the government

Yesterday California rejected a proposed ban on the sale of violent video games to kids.  I can’t believe that this was even up for a vote. 

Here’s the reality – it’s a parent’s job to be sure that what their children are viewing and/or doing is appropriate.  Do we really need the government to monitor our parental abilities?  Well, in certain cases that seems to be the case – which gets me back to my argument that adults should be required to test and apply for a license before they are allowed to become parents.

Some parents might argue that they are clueless as to which games are overly violent.  That’s why there’s a great site, the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) – www.esrb.org.  Parents can type in the name of a game and find out its rating and the content.  There is no excuse for parents not to be monitoring their child’s games!  But, that requires parents to be involved and not pass their responsibility onto a third person or the government.


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