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We’ve seen the “bad” of social media this week – here’s the good!

We’ve all read the disgusting story about Anthony Weiner and how social media can be used in a bad way but I was fortunate to receive a Tweet this morning from one of my followers that shows how social media can pass along uplifting and heroic messages.

The  Tweet read “Alice is 15 & has terminal cancer. One of her wishes is to trend on Twitter. #AliceBucketListhttp://bit.ly/mPxPLH  Please RT .”

Needless to say it caught my attention.  I’ll admit that sometimes I’m skeptical about these things and wonder if they’re legitimate but after reading this little girl’s blog there’s no way I can’t write about it.

Alice is indeed dying of cancer.  She’s writing a blog to document the time she has left with her friends and family.  She has also created a “bucket list” and that’s where it hit home for me personally.  One of Alice’s wishes is to swim with sharks.  Why did this one particular entry get to me?  Because my beautiful, healthy, wonderful eight year-old daughter is obsessed with sharks and would also love to do this.  And, hopefully, my daughter will have that chance someday whereas, most likely, Alice won’t.

My life has been stressful, chaotic and, at times, quite traumatic.   I’ve lost one child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which has profoundly affected my life.  But to contemplate my daughter dying of cancer is unthinkable and makes me grateful for the amazing gifts – my children and stepchildren – that I have.

Alice does indeed want to “trend” on Twitter.  You can follow her @Alice_Pyne .  You can also follow her blog at http://alicepyne.blogspot.com/ .  She also talks about the importance of bone marrow donation, something everyone should be aware of.

The petty annoyances I woke up with this morning really seem so trivial now.  Thank you Alice!


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