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Girl’s Beauty Night Out Event in Fairfield County, CT

Look and feel beautiful on the inside and out! The Safety Mom & Dermage Spa want all Fairfield County, CT women to glow this summer!

And, to help you do this we are holding an amazing event on June 1st from 5:00 – 10:00pm

I’ll be signing copies of my new book, “Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle!: The Safety Mom’s Guide to Childproofing Your Life”

Clinical Nutritionist, Loryn Galardi, M.S. will be on hand to help you begin to EAT YOURSELF HEALTHY: Eating to Reduce Aging and Disease.  What do allergies, weight gain, heart disease, depression, diabetes and even premature aging have in common?  INFLAMMATION.  The foods we eat every day affect the inflammation in our bodies in complex and unpredictable ways.  Learn simple ways you can prevent and even reverse the damage caused by inflammatory foods.  

We’ll also be discussing the importance of getting environmental toxins out of your home and some much safer alternatives.

And, it’s just as important to feel healthy and beautiful on the outside.  Get some tips on keeping your skin glowing and youthful all summer and beyond.  Learn the benefits of Botox.  If you’ve ever thought about it now’s the time to learn more!

Come by to learn more and enjoy some wine and hors d’oeuvres

Please RSVP to Stephanie and then come by anytime between 5P and 10P.  To schedule a botox treatment, please call Dermage Spa directly.


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Do you know what Whole Foods is doing to help keep our world healthy?

I’m increasingly becoming concerned about the foods that go into our bodies and the chemicals that we put onto our bodies. One of my favorite stores, Whole Foods, is also concerned. This month, Whole Foods Market celebrates Earth Month with a three part podcast series on the environmental initiatives that set them apart. For information on their organic body care standards, greener packaging and carefully evaluated ingredients in products that meet their Premium Body Care™ standards. Podcast summaries are include below, but for more information and to listen to them, CLICK HERE:

Truly Organic Body Care – April 5
With its guidelines for organic personal care, Whole Foods Market is working toward ensuring that “organic” means organic in every aisle of its stores. Listen in as Joe Dickson, global quality standards coordinator with Whole Foods Market shares about the company’s efforts to protect the organic standard for shoppers, suppliers and planet.

Responsible Packaging in Whole Body – April 10
Did you know that nearly one-third of all municipal solid waste in the U.S. is packaging? Learn about the changes being made to Whole Body product packaging to help reduce environmental impact. Jim McConnell is store supplies and services specialist for the Rocky Mountain region and co-chair of the Whole Foods Market Responsible Packaging Task Force.

Premium Body Care® Quality Standards – April 15
Products carrying the Premium Body Care symbol are the most exceptional personal care products available. They meet the strictest standards for quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety. Enjoy this introductory video on how Premium Body Care allows shoppers to “be good to your whole body.”

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Around The Table Games are basic fun that help promote family bonding

It’s hard enough to get your ‘tween to talk to you at times but try getting to know three step kids! Sure, there’s the polite conversation, but how do I really get to know them?

Enter Family Talk, one of the Around The Table Games created by Beth Daniels. Family Talk is a series of small cards attached on a ring that ask questions designed to help family members get to know each other better. Questions range from the serious such as “Currently what is your favorite family tradition and why?” to the silly “If everyone in your family became dogs what kind of dog would they be and why?” Not only did these cards help me get to know my step kids better but it was a great way to pass some time on our recent 18 hour drive to Florida!

There are several games including Grandparent Talk, a great way for kids to get to know their grandparents better, as well as Buddy Talk, Camp Talk and Teen Talk. And, with the price starting at $7.99, it’s certainly more affordable than any video game out there!

Around the Table games can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond, Cracker Barrel and and many specialty retailers nationwide. For more information and to find a store near you please visit

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First time parents or “veterans” will love Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle!

I’m so excited to announce that my first book, Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle, The Safety Mom’s Guide to Childproofing Your Life will be available April 27th.

Over the years I’ve heard from so many parents who have said “we wish we would have known…” So now I’m letting everyone in on some of those secrets you just don’t learn until after the baby arrives. But hey, none of us are perfect and accidents do happen. That doesn’t mean we love our kids any less or aren’t terrific parents. That’s why I’ve also included some of those “I can’t believe my kid did that!” stories because, let’s be honest, we all have them.

Whether it’s figuring out how to make your vacations a little safer, understanding the additional concerns of a special needs’ child or selecting the right nanny or daycare, you’ll find some great tips and advice here.

And, for any of you who have tried to install a baby gate or cabinet lock and ended up destroying your house, I’ve included step-by-step instructions from Safety Mom Solutions baby proofer extraordinaire Chris Benedict.

Plus, I’ve listed some of those myths that have been handed down from well-meaning grandmas that just aren’t accurate. Now you can go back armed with the accurate information.

So whether you’re expecting your first baby or are on to number four, check out my new book for some great safety advice along with some humor. And be sure to pick up an extra copy for any of your friends who are expecting their little bundle of joy!


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Who Knew Vicks VapoRub Can Help Headaches??

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that on any given day I feel completely overwhelmed.  When I’m working I feel like I’m short-changing my kids and when I’m playing with my kids I’m thinking of the deadline that I’m missing.  Oh yeah, then let’s throw in trying to help my mom deal with my dad who has Alzheimers, finding the best therapies for my son with special needs, cleaning the house, cooking meals and spending a little time with my fiancée.  My brain sometimes feels like a pressure cooker that’s about to explode.

There’s really not much that I can do to ease the tension, but I recently learned that Vicks VapoRub can actually help relieve headaches.  I had never even considered using it for anything other than relieving my kids’ cough!  So now, I escape to my bedroom (and yes sometimes even sit in the car), put a little on my temples and forehead and it almost immediately starts reducing the pain and pressure.  The aroma helps calm me down as well.  Who knew??!

To share some of your tips and stories and to get more tips and advice you can join Vicks Facebook page. (sponsored)

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Vicks VapoRub and Sore Muscles

By Safety Mom

Late February and March are probably my least favorite times of the year.  It’s really a big tease from Mother Nature.  Just when you think the snow is out of the way and we’re home free another storm rolls in.  I easily could have given up my gym membership this year with all of the shoveling and “ice breaking” I’ve done.  I’ve had muscle aches in areas I didn’t even know I had muscles!

One thing I learned this season is that Vicks VapoRub isn’t just for kids’ colds like I used to assume.  I recently learned that I can use it on my sore muscles as well. Now,

I swear by Vicks VapoRub for everything and at night before bed, I use it on all of aches and pains. It doesn’t have that burning after effect that so many other muscle creams have and the smell is soothing instead of overpowering.  It can be used on my kids’ sore muscles too. Vicks VapoRub has Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil, which helps soothe sore muscles and increase circulation. Rub a little on before bed and you’ll wake up feeling as good as new!

To share some of your tips and stories and to get more tips and advice you can join Vicks Facebook page. (sponsored)

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Heart360 – A Great Website Tool To Help Monitor Your Health

I’m not one to wait for New Year’s Day to make resolutions. Rather, when I realize there’s something I need to improve or fix, I want to get started right away. I’ll be the first to admit, there’s probably a lot more I could do to monitor my health and get more frequent physicals, but it seems I never find the time. A few weeks ago I learned about Health360, a new site from the American Heart Association, that allows people to better monitor their health and communicate more effecitvely with their doctor. Read on to learn a bit more about the site and some important facts we all need to know about staying well.

What are some of the first steps that I can take to improve my health?

Start tracking!  Being aware of your health information and what the numbers mean to you is the first step you can take. Be sure you are regularly monitoring your health and talking with your provider to set personal goals to improve your health. You can log in to Heart360 and take My Life Check health assessment to understand what your current heart score is and to develop an action plan to improve it.

How do I know if a member of my family or I am at risk of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can be sneaky. More than 30% of US adults has high blood pressure, but more than 1/3rd of those don’t even know they have it. High blood pressure has many risk factors, including: family history, age, race, weight (being overweight or obese), lack of physical activity, too much sodium in your diet, smoking, excess alcohol consumption, etc. It is important to regularly monitor your blood pressure, be aware of your numbers and what they mean to you, and to talk with your healthcare provider about steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure.

How much physical activity do I need a week?

The American Heart Association suggests at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise (or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity). 30 minutes a day, five times a week is an easy goal to remember, however you will also experience benefits even if you divide your time into two or three segments of 10 -15 minutes per day. You should always talk with your healthcare provider before you begin any new exercise regimen.

What is blood glucose?

Glucose is the primary source of energy for the body’s cells, and blood lipids (in the form of fats and oils) are primarily a compact energy store. Glucose is transported from the intestines or liver to body cells via the bloodstream, and is made available for cell absorption via the hormone insulin, produced by the body primarily in the pancreas. Blood glucose level is the amount of glucose (sugar) present in the blood.

What is Heart360?

Heart360 is on online health management tool that allows you to track your health information, access educational information and tools to understand and manage your health, and share your health information directly with your healthcare provider.

How does Heart360 and HealthVault help me manage my family and my health?

Heart360 allows you to track your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, weight, physical activity, and medications – and access the tools and information you need to learn how to better manage your health. You can also easily create and manage accounts for each family member. Because Heart360 works within the Microsoft HealthVault platform, you can also access many other reputable applications to help manage your information as well. For instance, you could access one of the pharmacy applications to automatically upload your prescription information. You can even utilize one of the many devices that will automatically upload in to your Heart360/HealthVault account- eliminating the need for direct data inputs.

Heart360 is Internet based. How safe if my family and my health information?

Heart360 works on the Microsoft HealthVault platform, which is a secure database that stores your health information. You are in control of your health information and are the only person that can provide access to your health information to any application, person, or provider. Throughout your HealthVault experience you will encounter the need to formally approve access for any application or person you would like to work with through HealthVault.

How do I get my doctor to start using Heart360?

You can invite your provider by either printing an invitation and bringing with you to your next appointment or by emailing an invitation. If your provider is not ready to connect with you online, you can always download and print or email your health history and reports at any time to share with your provider.

What is Microsoft HealthVault and how does it work with Heart360?

Microsoft® HealthVault is a free personal health technology platform that lets you gather, store and share health information online. With HealthVault, users control their own health records, so they can privately share their health information with family, friends and healthcare professionals, and have access to trustworthy online health management tools like Heart360.

Why is my blood pressure important to my overall health?

High blood pressure can be a significant risk factor to developing heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and more. For instance, did you know that patients with high blood pressure are more than 60% likely to develop a stroke?

What health factors can I track on Heart360?

You can track your blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, weight, physical activity, and medications. You can even sign up to receive reminders when it is time to track your latest health information.

Alison Rhodes is the founder of Safety Mom Enterprises and Safety Mom Solutions, the premier baby proofing and child safety company in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.  Alison is a family safety expert, TV personality and consultant. 

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