Will my kid really do that?

When I send a baby proofer from my company, Safety Mom Solutions Babyproofing, out to do a consultation, half the time he is met with the question, “You mean, my son would actually climb into the toilet?” Yes, he will!

It makes me crazy when “experts” advise parents to get down on their hands and knees to see what their baby might get into. This assumes that a child will think like a rational adult. Here’s a news flash – They Don’t! In fact, your curious toddler will do things and get into situations you would never dream of.
Here are a few:

  • The clothes dryer isn’t just for clothes – Yes, they will climb into the clothes dryer. Laundry rooms should be an off-limit area. Install a surface bolt at the top of the door to prevent them from getting in.
  • The toilet makes a great place to sail boats – Not only boats but Cheerios, Lego’s and any other small object. And then they will lean into try and retrieve it. Install a toilet lock that will automatically lock into place when you close the lid.
  • They’ll try to re-enact the Home Alone stunt – Remember when Macaulay Culkin comes flying down the stairs? Yes, your kids will try this along with a host of other stunts they see on TV shows and cartoons. Make sure staircases are secured with gates and windows have locks on them.
  • DVD players make great storage places for PB&J sandwiches–Kids will try and fit a variety of food and objects into VCRs and DVD players. Secure all electronics and be sure that heavy objects are affixed to tables and entertainment units. Also be sure furniture is attached to the walls.
  • They will put anything and everything in their nose, ear….and other places – I’ll never forget the day my then 5 year-old son came home from school with his nose bleeding and explained he had put a bean up his nose during arts and crafts. Kids will do things you won’t expect. Small toys need to be kept away from older children and kitchen cabinets should be locked. Also consider a lock on the refrigerator.

Safety Mom Solutions Babyproofing provides baby proofing and child safety consultations in Fairfield County, CT, Westchester County, NY, New York City and Northern New Jersey areas.


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