First time parents or “veterans” will love Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle!

I’m so excited to announce that my first book, Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle, The Safety Mom’s Guide to Childproofing Your Life will be available April 27th.

Over the years I’ve heard from so many parents who have said “we wish we would have known…” So now I’m letting everyone in on some of those secrets you just don’t learn until after the baby arrives. But hey, none of us are perfect and accidents do happen. That doesn’t mean we love our kids any less or aren’t terrific parents. That’s why I’ve also included some of those “I can’t believe my kid did that!” stories because, let’s be honest, we all have them.

Whether it’s figuring out how to make your vacations a little safer, understanding the additional concerns of a special needs’ child or selecting the right nanny or daycare, you’ll find some great tips and advice here.

And, for any of you who have tried to install a baby gate or cabinet lock and ended up destroying your house, I’ve included step-by-step instructions from Safety Mom Solutions baby proofer extraordinaire Chris Benedict.

Plus, I’ve listed some of those myths that have been handed down from well-meaning grandmas that just aren’t accurate. Now you can go back armed with the accurate information.

So whether you’re expecting your first baby or are on to number four, check out my new book for some great safety advice along with some humor. And be sure to pick up an extra copy for any of your friends who are expecting their little bundle of joy!



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2 responses to “First time parents or “veterans” will love Honey I Lost the Baby in the Produce Aisle!

  1. I wish you much success as this book is ready to launch! And when you are looking for bloggers.. please consider me. Would love to review it for you.


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