Burn Awareness Week – Tips for Treating a Burn

How many times have you reached for a pot handle while cooking and forgot the potholder? Or rushed in the morning getting ready for work and accidentally burned your neck with your curling iron? These types of incidents happen regularly to everyone. This past week was Burn Awareness week. In the United States, approximately 2.4 million burn injuries are reported per year; half of which are preventable (Journal of Burn Care & Rehabilitation). Here are some tips to help you treat a burn.

  • Run the body part of the burn under cool water for about five minutes. Never run it under warm or hot water because you want to be taking the heat out of the burn, not putting it in. Also stay away from ice, butter, oils, etc.
  • Treat the burn with NEOSPORIN® + Pain Relief Ointment or Cream.
  • Use gauze to keep the air out of the burn if you desire, but keep it loose. If it is wrapped too tightly, it may rip excess skin off on removal.
  • Take ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen to help relieve the pain and swelling.

Determine whether the burn is first, second or third degree. A first-degree burn is when the top layer of skin has burned off. The area is red, a little swollen and not that painful. A second-degree burn is when the top two layers of skinned have burned through. Blisters form and the area becomes extremely red and splotchy. A third degree burn is when all layers of the skin have burned and cause permanent damage and scarring. The area will either be black or white. Contact your doctor immediately if the burn covers more than 3 inches in diameter, if it is on your face, hands, feet, etc, or if it is a third degree burn. Remember that the smallest burn can turn into a serious burn if not cared for properly. Following these simple steps will help protect your skin.

Johnson and Johnson is a client of Safety Mom Enterprises.


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