Grandma’s advice for treating a cold – Vicks and chicken noodle soup. Some things are timeless

As The Safety Mom, I often have companies approach me asking for my opinion of their product. Sometimes, however, it’s me who pursues a company. Last fall I attended BlogHer and had the opportunity to walk through Procter & Gamble’s booth and see a number of their products including Vicks. I’m a huge fan of Vicks. In college and my single days I really didn’t think about it much but once I became a mom the memories of how my mom took care of me when I was sick came rushing back. I remember her rubbing Vicks on my chest, tucking me into bed and making me chicken noodle soup. Nothing could have possibly made me feel better. Now, it’s my first line of defense whenever any of my kids get sick. I’ll be the first to admit that many times new technology and products come along that my mother never knew about but every now and then her advice is the best there is. And when it comes to treating a cold she wins hands down. I visited the Vicks website and checked out the history timeline of the company. It’s pretty amazing and there’s something to be said for a product that’s been around for over 100 years! I reached out to the company to let them know how much I really like their product and was more than happy to help when they suggested I become part of their blogger brigade.

For those of you who’ve never tried Vicks here are some facts:

· Vicks VapoRub provides up to eight hours of temporary relief from coughs due to common colds with powerful, medicated vapors

· It can also be used on muscles and joints to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains

· The active ingredients in Vicks VapoRub are Camphor, Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil.Camphor and Menthol are cough suppressants and topical analgesics.

· It can be used by adults and children two years of age and older

· To use, rub a thick layer on chest and throat or on aching muscles. You can repeat up to three times per 24 hours

To share some of your tips for taking care of your family when they have a cold or to get more tips and advice you can join Vicks’ Facebook page.


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