Diaper Bag Resolutions

By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom 


There is nothing worse than rummaging around your child’s diaper bag trying to find what you need while one of your kids is screaming at the top of his lungs and the other is making a run for it.   Life is hectic enough without the stress of not being able to find what you’re looking for.  I’m slowly coming to the realization that taking a few extra minutes to organize as much as I can saves me time….and a headache… in the long run.  So,if you’re anything like me, the not-so-organized-always-on-the-go-mom, here are some tips for keeping your diaper bag organized and well stocked for any occasion: !

        Use small containers and snack bags to hold loose items such as extra pacifiers, crayons, bottle inserts, spoons, etc.  Place these into separate categories such as feeding, play, clothing, etc. and group them into larger bags

        Purchase a small make-up bag and credit card holder to keep your items in to eliminate the need for your purse.  These can hold your cell phone, driver’s license, keys, lip gloss, credit cards and money. 

        Carry an extra package of wipes such as JOHNSON’S Baby Hand and Face Wipes in your car.  There’s nothing worse than grabbing for a wipe after a trip to the playground or grocery store only to find out you ran out or they dried up.    And it’s always a good thing to have extras on hand for the spilled yogurt or juice box! 

        Keep two extra sets of clothing –including socks—in a larger Ziplock bag and keep two empty bags in your diaper bag for dirty or wet clothes.

Don’t forget medication and first-aid items.  Create another Ziplock bag that holds some BAND-AID adhesive bandages, non-alcoholic hand sanitizing gel, children’s pain reliever, NEOSPORIN and an ice pack. 

Alison Rhodes is the founder of Safety Mom Enterprises and Safety Mom Solutions, the premier baby proofing and child safety company in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area.  Alison is a family safety expert, TV personality and consultant. 


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