Why is There Even a Question Whether to Ban Alcohol Energy Drinks?

By The Safety Mom

This week the FDA is going to be considering whether to ban alcohol energy drinks. These are the ones that have been spotlighted in the news lately – most specifically the drink Four Loco. One Four Loco is the equivalent of four beers and a cup of coffee and it’s been linked to several deaths and many injuries.

OK, does the FDA really need to waste time and money deciding whether these drinks should be banned? Is there really any reason that people, and especially our kids who these are marketed towards, should be drinking these things?!!? Some states have already realized this and are already banning the drink and one beer distributor in New York has agreed to stop delivering them by Dec. 10th.

Apparently the issue the FDA is weighing is “whether adding caffeine to alcoholic beverages is safe.” As a mom and a national child safety expert this doesn’t seem to be a tough question. You’re giving kids a boost of energy and helping them feel more alert so they will drink more alcohol and believe they’re alert enough to drive. I’m no scientist or researcher but this doesn’t seem to be a tough question.

Hey, members of the FDA panel – let me save you some time — THESE DRINKS ARE KILLING OUR KIDS — THEY’RE NOT SAFE AND THEY’RE NOT NECESSARY!!!

If this can help the FDA get back to more important business, I’ll feel I’ve accomplished something today.

Alison Rhodes is the founder of Safety Mom Enterprises and Safety Mom Solutions, the premier baby proofing and child safety company in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. Alison is a family safety expert, TV personality and consultant.

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One response to “Why is There Even a Question Whether to Ban Alcohol Energy Drinks?

  1. hoshinokachi264

    I see your point of view, the only thing I’m wondering is why are ‘kids’ drinking these. They are alcoholic. So ‘kids’ shouldn’t be drinking them and if ‘kids’ are dieing from drinking them shouldn’t the problem be more about why underage drinkers are getting their hands on this stuff?

    I’ve never studied this stuff, but I’ve had it myself and I don’t recommend it to my friends.

    The other thing that that this topic has brought to my attention is that ‘kids’ have been mixing red bull with alcohol for years now, I don’t know how much its going to accomplish especially if adults who drink this aren’t the ones dieing.

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