The Miracle Worker On Broadway – A “Must See” For All Families! By Alison Rhodes, The Safety Mom

I had the opportunity to see The Miracle Worker this past Friday night on Broadway. I’ve always loved the story of Helen Keller and Abigail Breslin, the actress who played Helen, was superb! As a mother of a special needs child, it was particularly touching. Helen’s mother’s determination to find the best care for her coupled with her protection of Helen struck a familiar chord in me and there were several times I felt myself tearing up. I recently blogged about the R-word campaign and the importance for everyone to be more sensitive to people with disabilities. This is a great story for kids to see and a lesson to learn – the ability for a child to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. There was a Girl Scout troupe sitting in front of us who was enthralled. There’s something about a live performance that makes it all the more impactful.

And, in March, there are some terrific discounts! There’s not a bad seat in the house and every Tuesday night, the performers are available to chat about the show after the performance. For a full performance schedule and further info go to and mention code MWTC1216 to purchase three tickets for $150 ($50 per ticket).


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