Want to know who your teen is talking to and texting? The PROTECTOR is here!

One of the greatest concerns for parents of teens these days is sexting, cyberbullying and texting while driving. Well, there now might be a solution! This past week at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas Taser International (yes, the company who makes Tasers) launched a new product, the PROTECTOR.

PROTECTOR is a revolutionary toolset that gives parents the ability to supervise their children’s mobile phone usage and driving behaviors. Parents can manage the contact lists and content of their child’s mobile phone – including calls, texts, emails, photos and video, and can automatically limit phone functionality to prevent dangerous distractions while driving. PROTECTOR uses integrated GPS, allowing parents to track their child’s location, monitor driving habits, and release vital records to the authorities in emergency situations.

PROTECTOR works on multiple devices, each managed through an intuitive control panel accessible through a smart phone, PC, MAC or smart TV. Parents can control who their children interact with and monitor their mobile phone activity and driving behavior at any time – and change permissions and settings in real time. PROTECTOR is carrier-independent and seamlessly connects parents and children, even if they’re on different cellular networks.

While I haven’t had a chance to check this out yet personally, the news report was promising enough that I wanted to let everyone know. Stay tuned as I learn more!


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