I’ve Been Misrepresented In The Media Tonight

Regrettably, what you say during a media interview is not always what is aired.  Once the camera stops rolling, you have no control over what ends up on the cutting room floor, and what airs; often what happens is that a sound bite is aired without the full context and therefore you end up being misrepresented.  I was deeply disappointed to see that is what happened to me tonight.

Unfortunately over 90% of what I said in a media interview was edited out.  My most important message that I stressed again and again was that the safest place for a baby to sleep is still in a crib.  Over 515 deaths have occurred with infants sleeping in adult beds rather than cribs.  I also said that most manufacturers are deeply committed to creating safe, high quality products for babies and I do believe this.   The media loves to create hype and instill fear – it’s what sells.  Scaring parents into deciding not to place their baby in a crib is putting them at a far greater risk for death or injury. 

Why I choose to work with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is precisely because there were no laws in place.  The only voluntary testing has been done by the JPMA.  Companies who decide to have their products go through this rigorous testing, want to bring the safest products to market.  Any company I have chosen to work with is one that I believe shares my passion for saving babies lives.

To close, please understand that I am foremost a bereaved mother, and my loss of a child drives my commitment every waking moment.   I stand by what I said in my interview – that most manufacturers deeply care about the safety of children and that the safest place for a baby is in a crib.



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4 responses to “I’ve Been Misrepresented In The Media Tonight

  1. TheMiddleMe

    I think much of the problem with babies being endangered comes from parents. It’s not just putting children in an adult bed — it is putting them in an adult bed with parents who are on sedatives or who drink or with lots of pillows and blankets. Some parents stuff cribs with blankets and toys and bumpers. Even with the best made crib, the parent must be diligent. Parents do not read manuals or labels, and if they do sometimes they disobey them (or forget what they said). You can recall cribs and you can tell people not to cosleep but it’s not going to ever help the parents who just don’t want to pay attention to the proper usage of beds or safety methods.

  2. Ask any mother and they will agree – the crib is still the safest place for baby!! I am absolutely disgusted with the way the media twists the truth to sell their point of view –no wonder why more moms are tuning out! Ironically it is your blog that continues to keep me informed on all the latest recalls and it was your blog a few weeks ago that had me running to my medicine cabinet to throw out some recalled cough medicine that could have made my kids sick! I refuse to watch network news on ABC, CBS, and NBC anymore because I don’t trust it! I do TRUST you, Alison, so keep on keeping us informed!!!

  3. Janet

    I totally agree with Stacey. The media twists things to cause hype and fear. Instead of educating us on safe sleeping issues as you wanted to do, they chose to cause a sensation by declaring that the entire industry is out to hurt our children. You are doing a great job!

  4. I agree with all the comments above. However, I think that ABC should recognize that they have potentially damaged Alison’s stellar career and reputation as a child safety advocate. In the marketing/consulting world, all we have is our body of work. If National News does anything to distort or cast doubt on our “bona fides,” they should be held accountable. In this case, I’d go to the top of ABC for a prominent retraction campaign.

    If you doubt the gravity of what they’ve done, think about what Dr. Sears would do. You better believe he would pull out all the stops with all his endorsement contracts. Alison has just as strong a career as Dr. Sears and provides an important, ever-growing voice in the Mom community.

    Through the past year of knowing Alison, I know that she’s the “real deal.” Her only goal is to help moms protect their children from harm. She is articulate, responsible and timely in the news she sends out. And she only takes on clients who have products or services that she knows to be top quality. She is a joy to work with. She’s the best!!

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