Car Safety Tips For Travelling With Infants and Babies




Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travelling days of the year. If you’re going to be on the road tomorrow, keep these tips in mind if you have a little one in the car:

  • Install a “baby mirror” so that you can easily see your baby as you’re driving.
  • Keep blankets out of reach as a toddler could innocently put it over the head of a sleeping infant.
  • Place a neon colored sticker on the side of the car seat with your child’s vital statistics including allergies to medicine and blood type. If you’re in a crash and renedered unconscious, EMTs will have a better idea of how to treat your child.
  • Many cars have built in window shades but if there isn’t one, a shade should be securely installed.
  • Be sure that the straps on the baby’s car seat are positioned properly. In a five-point harness system the shoulder clip should be at the level of the child’s arm pit. The straps need to be snug enough to hold the baby properly. No more than one small pinky finger should be able to fit between the baby and the strap at the shoulder. For rear facing seats the belt should be at or below the child’s shoulders, for forward facing it should be at or above the child’s shoulders.
  • Children should not wear heavy coats in a car seat as this compromises the fit and security of the belt.
  • Keep in mind that children need to be rear facing for up to 20 lbs and one year of age.

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