Halloween Costumes: What to Wear?

Halloween is right around the corner and I bet your child is growing more and more excited about wearing their costume. When I was growing up, Halloween was all about the homemade costumes and now, there is a whole industry devoted to creating extreme fashions for this one night. As a parent, you make the ultimate decision on what your child wears because you want to make sure your child’s costume are safe, comfortable, and age appropriate. If you go the homemade route or buy from the store, the things to keep in mind are comfort, classic, safe, and simple. Costumes that are breathable, light, and have no excess material or bulky props keep your child safe and comfortable so they can focus on filling their candy bags. Classic characters from Disney or Nickelodeon or sticking to the traditional witches and vampires are appropriate for any age and always look great without needing to make them over the top. No costume is complete without colorful glow bracelets and necklaces to really make your child and their costume stand out in the dark!


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