My Girls Have Become My Frigidaire Washing Duo!


I really believe that giving kids chores and having them help around the house not only helps you out but teaches them responsibility and also gives them a sense of accomplishment. My 3 year old is always looking for ways to help out but, let’s face it, there are just so many things a 3 year old can do!

Before receiving my Frigidaire Washer and Dryer I had top loading machines which made it impossible for her to reach. Now with the front loading system, I’ve found perfect jobs for Hannah – and for my older daughter too! They have become my washing and drying team! Both of the girls have specific jobs and the appliances themselves actually help them accomplish them.

Hannah, my 3 year old, is in charge of sorting the laundry – she loves this job. Kelsey, my 7 year old, is in charge of loading the washer and measuring out the appropriate amount of laundry detergent which is also helping her math skills What’s nice about the Frigidaire Washer and Dryer is that it automatically saves your last settings so she doesn’t have to worry about what settings to use.

Hannah’s favorite job, however, is loading the wet clothes into the dryer. It never ceases to amaze me how much laundry three little kids can generate! Fortunately the Frigidaire Dryer is a Fits-More™ 7.0 cu. ft. dryer – the largest capacity dryer on the market, which allows us to at least get all of the girls laundry done in one load. Hannah’s folding abilities still leave a lot to be desired so the folding job belongs to Kelsey. With my old dryer not only did the drying take forever but the clothes always came out wrinkled. And while I’m OK with wrinkled clothes in the summer, I try to have my kids look a little more presentable during school. The Frigidair Dryer’s DrySense™ Technology helps the clothes come out virtually wrinkle free so Kelsey can fold them immediately.

Putting the clothes away sometimes is a battle, by this point they usually run out of a steam and the chore thing loses some of it’s appeal. But they are always quite proud of what they’ve accomplished and happy that they have helped mommy around the house!


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