The Dangers of Wearing Flip Flops Back to School

I remember when I was a kid going back to school meant new fall clothes – longs sleeves, pants. I’m not sure if it’s global warming or just a waning memory of what I really experienced but when my kids go back to school it’s almost certain there will be at least two or three weeks with 80 degree temperatures. So, the fashion code for them is shorts and t-shirts. One item I never compromise on however is the flip flops that my daughter begs me to wear.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine broke her ankle running down a hill in flip flops. My son took a face plant on a cement sidewalk because of flip flops. While flip flops have become everyday fashion, they are an absolute no-no for school. Not only does wearing them increase the chance of serious injury due to dropped objects or stubbed toes, but they are also associated with ankle and insole pain caused by their lack of support. Children especially are not able to safely play at recess or climb stairs. Also, their feet are exposed to objects in the classroom which may be unsanitary. So this year, whether your school has a dress code or not, make sure closed toe shoes are the fashion must.


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  1. Theresa

    I run a daycare, and I have told this one child about the dangers of wearing flip flops to school. She has them on all day, has to walk home from school. I also heard from a doctor that they should only be worn when you are going to the pool. She told her mother what I said (the dangers and all) her mother told her that I was only trying to be bossy. I have told this mother repeatedly that when they come to daycare they should have sneakers on. I have a playground by my house that we use. Also sometimes in the summer I will take the children to the school playground. Since this mother won’t listen, I have decided that if we go to either of the playgrounds, her children won’t be allowed to play. I don’t know why parent’s think that flip flops are safe for children to wear to school and to play in.

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