It’s Nap Time – Do You Know Where Your Toddler Is?

I got permission from my friend (who shall remain nameless) to share a terrifying experience that happened to her while on vacation.

She and her family had rented a vacation home and were just returning from a day at the beach. Her toddler had fallen asleep in the car so her husband decided to take the older two kids out for a bike ride while my friend carried her toddler into the house to finish her nap. She put her son in his bed and she went down to lay in her bedroom next door to take a nap as well. She was stunned to awaken a while later to find a police officer in her home holding her toddler!

Apparently her son had woken up from his nap and walked out the front door. Their vacation home was in a well populated neighborhood and fortunately a neighbor spotted a child standing alone and called the police. Fortunately he was standing in his driveway and was able to point to the front door but if he had wandered down the street it could have been a much different situation. Needless to say, my friend was horrified and held her son for about three hours.

My friend was always vigilant about locking the front door but on this one day she forgot. Her son was asleep and she was just going to take a quick nap. A few important tips to keep in mind when travelling:

– Always keep the doors locked!
– Get the name of a local pediatrician
– Have a game plan for an emergency – select a meeting place away from the home
– Write your cell phone number and vacation home address on some tape and affix it to the inside of your child’s shoe. Explain to them if they’re ever lost to show someone their shoe.

Accidents happen in a moment so try to be a prepared as possible.


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