Child Sleep Safety While On Vacation

Whether your summer vacation will be taking you to Grandma’s or a destination with a hotel stay, you need to think about your child’s sleeping safety before you leave the house. I never was comfortable using hotel cribs since it’s almost impossible to know if they meet current safety standards. I am however, a true fan of portable cribs. I even used them for nap time at home saving me a thousand trips up and down the stairs! But keep in mind, all portable cribs are not created equally. To be sure you are purchasing one that has met strict safety standards, visit the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s website http://www.jmpa.og. The JPMA has a stringent safety certification program in place for all juvenile products that gives parents the assurance that the crib they are buying for their baby is the safest possible

With any certified portable crib you choose, make sure that the mattress is tight fitting with no gaps between the edges of the mattress and the wall of the crib. Also, be sure that the sheets are snug fitting not allowing a child to pull a corner off and become entrapped.


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