Teaching my daughters self-reliance

For any of you who follow my blog I believe you know that I'm going through a divorce.  While I know that this is the right thing for me, it doesn't make it any easier and it's been one of the most challenging times in my life. 

While I'm still regarded as The Safety Mom, I have learned through this experience as well as dealing with my son's learning disabilities and my father's Alzheimers that "safety" encompasses much more than just the standard definition.  As a family it's about overall well being – staying healthy and strong in mind and body. 

Through the divorce, not only am I learning life lessons but I"m trying to pass them along to my kids.  This week we all went on vacation for the first time without daddy.  While I'm completely confident in my professional life, I'm having to deal with things in my personal life that I've never had to before.  It's the little things – like trying to figure out how to put the bike rack on the back of the car.  I found this completely intimidating.  I'm just not mechanically inclined.  Now I'm sure I could have gone to a bike shop or garage and had them put it on but I was determined to figure it out myself.  And you know what?  I did it!  And it gave me the most amazing sense of accomplishment.  Like I said, it's the little things. 

My kids watched me doing this and we all did a "high five" once Mommy figured it out.  More importantly than my own feelings was what my kids witnessed – that they can figure things out on their own and they don't have to rely on other people.  That there's nothing they can't do if they put their minds to it. 

I know this journey for me has only just begun and I'm determined to learn from my experiences and hopefully pass on these lessons to my kids.


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  1. Trena Hamilton

    Good for you! I too am going through a divorce and you are right it is the little things that can mean a lot. Its difficult enough to go through the emotional aspect of divorce (what and where did I do wrong) and then when things like bike racks come up, you feel overwhelmed with thoughts once more. You can do this and much more. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone and with a little encouragment anything can be done.The high fives from your children are so worht it! Keep up the good work.Now try taking it off without wacking yourself with a strap! LOL

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