Don’t Forget to Safeguard Your Washer and Dryer

I hate when I have to blog about the death of a child.  Hopefully, by writing about the situation and offering safeguards, other families won’t experience this type of nightmare. 


A 4-year-old girl died after she climbed into a washing machine.  The machine was front-loading and the controls were only 20 inches from the floor with a simple start push button.  Her 15-month old brother was able to push the start button.


We may forget that the appliances in our homes can be deadly.  If you have a laundry room with a door, think about installing a surface bolt high enough on the door, so a child cannot reach it.  If your washer and dryer are not in a separate part of the home, there are safety straps that can be self installed to keep the appliance doors locked.  These straps can also be used on ovens and dishwashers.


When purchasing new appliance, think about your children:


Can they reach the buttons? 

Can they open the unit themselves? 

Can they crawl or climb inside the unit?

Does the appliance come with any type of child safety features?


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