New law on toy testing hurting the wrong people

Last year, in response to the massive recalls of toys manufactured in China, Congress passed a new law scheduled to go into effect on February 10th.   Under the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act, any product manufactured for children under 12 will have to undergo third-party testing.  This includes toys, books, clothing – everything sold to children.

In theory, this is a great law designed to help protect our kids.  But unfortunately, there's one flaw.  Not only does this law apply to the large manufacturers, but also small entrepreneurs.  And, with the cost of this testing it can very well force them out of business.   The majority of these small business owners started their businesses in reaction to the recalls.  They wanted to create products that were all natural and safe for our kids.  And while all products absolutely should undergo some testing, the cost of the existing tests is just not something that most entrepreneurs and small business owners can afford.  

In these tough economic times, punishing small business owners is horrible.   Congress needs to revisit this law and adapt it to help small business owners while still protecting our kids.


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