My “Mother’s Promise” With Evenflo

A mother's promise I found out about a new Facebook page that the baby care and juvenile product's manufacturer Evenflo started – A Mother's Promise.    Evenflo is asking moms to commit to doing something to keep their kids safer in the car.  This was something I was more than happy to get involved with.   Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children 3 – 14 years of age.   In many cases the car seat has not been installed properly or the belts are not fastened tight enough.  My pledge was to take a few extra minutes – even when it's freezing outside or I"m in a hurry – to make sure that all three of my kids are seated properly in their car seats and booster seats. 

The need for this became clear this weekend.  I was stopped at a four way stop sign with no other car in site.  I just started to go when a car sped through the stop sign from my right hand side.  We came within inches of being in what could have been a horrific accident.  I've never been so thankful that my kids were buckled in tightly as I did need to slam on my brakes to avoid being hit.  We all get into bad habits when we drive – talking on the phone, eating and just rushing to get to places.  What pledge can you make to help keep your kids safer in the car?  Visit Facebook and search for A Mother's Promise and post your pledge!


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