Confused By All Your Family’s Prescription Drugs? MedNotes is The Treatment!

Prescriptons With three kids, my bathroom cabinet now looks like a pharmacist’s shelf.  My son has learning disabilities that include ADD, anxiety disorder and a host of other challenges.  My daughter has been struggling with bronchial issues for a while.  All of a sudden I have two or three different medications for each of my kids.  And I wonder sometimes whether they are the right medications, if there’s a better alternative and practical matters such as whether there’s a problem giving my daughter over-the-counter cold medications on top of her prescription medicine.


On top of that, my father, who has diabetes and the early stages of Alzheimer's, is on numerous medications.  While my mom is on top of that, I do worry if something should happen to her and I’m unaware of everything that he’s taking.


That’s why the site ( and their new service, MedNotes, has become my number one resource for coordinating, scheduling and understanding everything about my family’s prescription medications.  Not only can I create profiles for each family member but I can get FDA alerts and find out about potentially dangerous drug, food and allergic interactions.  You can even print out personalized, pocket-sized medication records for each family member.


MedNotes is a free service and will definitely help moms stay in-the-know on all her family’s medications!


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One response to “Confused By All Your Family’s Prescription Drugs? MedNotes is The Treatment!

  1. I completely agree with you on this, I have also been using MedNotes from quite a while and its nice to come across someone who also finds it really good.

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