Traveling For The Holidays Just Got Safer For Kids

I've been doing a bunch of TV segments lately on how to keep your kids safer as you're traveling this holiday season.  One of the things that always bothered me is how my daughter, who is very small for her age, goes bouncing around in her booster seat every time we hit a bump.  My older son also makes me crazy because inevitably he will try to lie down in the back seat as we're driving and the seat belt is completely loose on him, offering very little protection.  The safety of kids riding in cars has always been of great concern for me and around the holidays it's even more so.

Enter Seat Snug!  This is a great new product that permanently attaches to your seat belt and removes slack from the lap portion of the seat belt.  It still allows for movement across the chest portion so kids are comfortable yet much safer.  In fact, a statistic I read from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that a major contributor to the injuries children sustain in a car accident is from the seat belt not being snug enough. 

Seat Snug is easy to install – took me only a few minutes – and can be disengaged when someone other than your child is riding in that seat. 

You can learn more about how Seat Snug works by visiting their website  And, they are now offering a discount for the holidays!  Receive $5 off by entering the coupon code MomCentral on the "Buy" page.  It's the perfect gift of safety for any parent, grandparent or caregiver!


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One response to “Traveling For The Holidays Just Got Safer For Kids

  1. Just funny

    This is a bunch of horse pucky and so is this woman. The only reason why all this crappy ‘saftey’ stuff is shoved down our throats is because it’s good for business…who else will buy and believe anything they tell them to, except mothers about their kids safety. I mean really…is there anything that is SAFE nowadays??? That’s also one of the big problems with this country…sensationalism for the sake of profit.

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