More Warnings on the Dangers of Childhood Obesity

A study was just released by The American Heart Association which finds that the arteries of obese children and teens may have as much plaque build-up as those of a 40-year old.  This is startling and just another warning sign of the growing epidemic of childhood obesity in this country.  Approximately one-third of kids in the country are overweight and one-fifth are obese.  Parents need to understand the physical dangers that lie ahead for these children – heart disease, diabetes and cancer to name a few.

With both parents working in many families and juggling crazy schedules it's sometimes hard to monitor your kids physical activity.  But every little bit helps – a quick walk after dinner, dancing to music around the house and certainly cleaning the house counts as physical activity!

Portion control needs to become a higher priority too.  In the world of SuperSize meals and 32 oz. sodas, we've lost perspective on how much food a meal should really consist of.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming but even small changes will make a difference.



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