My Night At The Windflower Ball

The other night, I had the honor of attending a very special event – The Windflower Ball.  This is the annual fund raiser that First Candle hosts to raise money for research into Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS.)  While it's always a fun evening, it's also bittersweet as I always regret that I am participating in the first place.   There are so many SIDS families in attendance – there is definitely a sense of camaraderie but it's a club that no one wants to belong to.

Two very special companies were honored – Halo Innovations – and Regal Lager  Both organizations have been extremely supportive of First Candle.  In fact the founder of Halo is a SIDS dad and was inspired to create a safe sleeping blanket for babies.  This wearable blanket has now become a staple in many homes. 

Super model and activist Emme was recognized for her work on behalf of children and women.  You can check out more of what she's doing and her passion for getting families to go green at

During SIDS Awareness Month I encourage everyone to make a donation to First Candle on behalf of your own children as well as those who unfortunately never reached their first birthdays.


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