The Government Finally Considers Children’s Safety

Every parent can celebrate tonight!  President Bush today signed a law that dramatically cuts the amount of lead in toys, mandates national safety standards for all-terrain vehicles that are linked to hundreds of deaths each year and partially bans the use of phthalates, a controversial chemical used to soften plastic.   The bill also increases the budget for the Consumer Products Safety Commission and includes third-party testing requirements for certain children's products. 

So this holiday season perhaps we won't have to second guess whether the toy we bought will harm our child.   And hopefully this is the first step to ridding our children's products of harmful chemicals.

Consumer advocate groups such as Moms Rising – need to be congratulated for their hard work in pushing this legislation forward.  This proves what parents can accomplish when they get angry enough and feel that children are not being protected.    But our job is not done.  We need to continue advocating for our children's health and safety.  Hopefully our children's well being will be a top priority for the next president.


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