Furniture Tipping Accidents Seldom Considered Until Too Late

As the co-founder of Peek-a-Boo BabyProofing, we are constantly called in to install gates, cabinet locks and outlet covers. When we bring up the idea of securing furniture to the wall however, we are met with questions and objections. Either the parents don't want the furniture or wall damaged or they don't understand why this is necessary. Sadly, the increase of death and serious injury is on the rise from heavy furniture falling over on children. Most recently a 2-year-old from Fort Worth, Texas was seriously injured, and remains in critical condition, after a television that sat on a dresser fell and landed on his head. The Consumer Product Safety Commission last year listed tipping furniture as one of the top five hidden home hazards. It is speculated that the rise in these accidents is due to the increase in flat screen TVs which are less stable that traditional televisions. But parents need to keep in mind even a dresser becomes a hazard once a baby can open the drawers and stand on them to gain leverage. Be sure that all furniture is secured to the walls and TVs and electronic equipment is secured inside entertainment units.


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4 responses to “Furniture Tipping Accidents Seldom Considered Until Too Late

  1. Joyce (MOM)

    HI there! It’s great what you do! I have a comment about glass and toddlers…. Get rid of it!
    My son, Connor, was sleeping on my shoulder as a newborn, and I dropped his toy on the floor. Being young and flexible, I thought I could easily reach down and pick it up. In an instant, we both went THRU the glass coffee table! Thank Goodness, just a few cuts! We were so lucky. Now, I have a new baby girl, and the glass is all gone. Something so simple, is to move it or get rid of it, and keep your kids safe.
    Glass looks nice, but smashes into millions of little sharp pieces.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident but happy no one was seriously hurt. It’s definitely the small things you might not consider that can cause the most terrible accidents. I couldn’t agree more — glass should just be removed from around babies!

  3. tnx for the tip there! children under 3 yrs old should be watched carefully…

  4. Indeed it is important to have Furniture Tipping Accidents.Prevention is always better.

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