Being The Bad Guy

Kid begging My 10 year-old son has already been nagging me for several weeks about going to see Batman Dark Knight.  I’m hearing the age old complaint “But Mom, everyone is going to be seeing it but me!”  I’ll admit, sometimes it’s hard not to be swayed.  He has learning disabilities and doesn’t have many friends so I’m always trying to help him fit in.  But I keep remembering my mother’s words in the back of my head – “Someday they’ll respect you and even thank you for setting boundaries.”  I know I’m going to be the mean mom for a while but I need to do what I feel is right and pass on this movie.  I realize that these pressures are just going to increase as my children enter their teen years and I’m definitely dreading it.

It seems that we are a generation of parents who want to be friends first and parents second.  I recently did a TV segment in which I got a standing ovation from the anchors when I suggested we not only need to set more boundaries for our children but not bow to the pressure to allow our children to do things just because “everyone else is.”

How do you deal with these situations?  Do you feel that we are a society that’s forgetting how to be parents first?



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2 responses to “Being The Bad Guy

  1. Remember when out moms said “If your friends jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would you follow?” Well the same holds true for this. Stick to your guns.
    I’d love to here some of your safety tips for preschoolers and include them on my blog for August on Momtrends (

  2. Lauri

    It’s not only the parents who want to be their children’s friend, it’s the ones who are so proud of how mature they think their kids are. I’ve commented to a few moms that I wouldn’t let my son see certain shows, and they commented in a snide voice that their child was mature enough to handle it. Another set is the ones who say, “well I would have wanted to go see/do it when I was that age, so I’m going to let me kid do it because I felt bad when I couldn’t do it.” Things that should all go in the bad parenting ideas handbook.

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