Give Someone A Safety Tip for Mother’s Day and Possibly Save a Life!

P8240152 Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!  Motherhood is a special club and the lifetime membership  fee is pretty high – your heart and soul – but we all give it willingly.  It is a club where this is no discrimination and we gladly welcome new members.   There is no secret handshake or code word but there is a secret power we all acquire – mother’s intuition.  It is the most supportive club I have ever belonged to and my personal goal is to pass along wisdom gained along the way to new members.  And it’s a club filled with the greatest joys as well as sorrows.  I was elated to become a part of the club in 1997 with the birth of my son Connor.  Sadly, my membership was "rescinded" a mere four months later when he died of Sudden Infant Death Sydrome.  I instantly fell into this strange gap in which my childless friends could not completely relate to my pain yet my friends with children were almost afraid to be around me lest my misfortune somehow rubbed off on them.  I had the good fortune of become a full fledged member once again a year later when my second son Spencer was born.  From that moment on I made it my mission to help in some way spare other moms the grief I experienced.  I devoted my life to child health and safety and became The Safety Mom.  Every day I interview experts, review information and educate myself on the many safety topic effecting our kids and pass this along to both new and "veteran" moms. 

Sadly, all too often, we never dream that tragedy will strike our children.  Unfortunately it does and I frequently hear from grief stricken moms saying "if only I knew."  This Mother’s Day, let’s reach out to our sister members in the most amazing club we will ever have the privilege of belonging to.  Pass along one safety tip that you have learned that could potentially save another child’s life.  It could be about the importance of putting a fence around a pool, the warning signs of teen depression, the benefits of banking a baby’s umbilical cord blood or the dangers facing our children on the Internet.  Childhood accidents are the leading cause of death for children 1 – 14 years of age.  Let’s work together to make this statistic obsolete.  Let’s start a movement to save our children and pay it forward!  What tip can you pass along?  I will soon be starting a discussion board on my site, so we can all learn from each other.  Happy Mother’s Day to all!


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  1. The straps on my car seat for my one-year-old have been too high for a long time. Everytime I put him in there, I think this is not safe. I have got to fix these straps. On this Mother’s Day weekend, my husband took out the car seat and fixed the straps. Yeah! Plus, we were at my mom’s house and when she saw the months of crumbs and goop underneath the car seat, she vacuumed the van too! Happy Mother’s Day!

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