BPAs – What You Need to Know To Protect Your Baby!

Bottles2 Many parents are aware of the serious threat that Bisphenol-A (BPA) poses for our children.  For parents-to-be, grandparents and anyone else who is not familiar with this chemical, it is found in millions of plastic products to make them shatter resistant, most notably baby bottles, pacifiers, teethers and other plastic baby products.  Many researchers and scientists believe it causes a wide range of health problems, including breast and prostate cancer, infertility, diabetes and brain damage. 

On Friday, the Canadian government announced that it considers BPA dangerous and that it will most likely ban the use of BPAs in baby bottles.  Unfortunately it seems as if once again our government is going to be the last to recognize these dangers.  The FDA points to two studies that deem the chemical safe.  What they do not say is that these studies were funded by The American Plastics Council.

But parent’s mounting concern about BPA is finally motivating manufacturers to take action.  Playtex has just announced it will distribute one million free samples of Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser Systems, which are free of BPAs.  It also announced that the balance of the product line will be converted to BPA-free material by year end.  Simply fill out the form and, while you’re at it, download the chart which lists all of their products and whether they contain BPAs or Phthalates.

While I’m excited that Playtex is taking this step I wonder which other major manufacturers are selling BPA-tainted products.  I don’t seem to be alone.  I have received numerous e-mails from parents asking if their particular bottle is safe.  In doing some research on this, I ran across an amazing blog –    Z Recommends which reviews toys and infant products.  In their Third Edition on BPA in Infant Care Products they have provided an exhaustive list of each manufacturer and the products that are BPA free.  You can even send them a text message to find out information on a particular product.  A big thank you for saving moms a tremendous amount of time trying to research all of these products!

Now it’s time for moms to take action in protecting our children.  Just as we couldn’t rely on the government to protect our children from lead-tainted toys, we cannot rely on them to protect our babies from toxic bottles, sippy cups and other basic items.  Visit Moms Rising.org and sign a petition that will be sent to the five major manufacturers of baby bottles to stop the use of BPAs in our children’s products. 

How familiar are you with the issue of BPAs?  Let me know your thoughts on this subject!


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