Remembering Abigail

Abigail_taylor Last month 6 year-old Abigail Taylor died.   In June of last year Abigail was injured at the Minneapolis Golf Club when she sat on a wading pool drain.  The powerful suction ripped out part of her intestinal tract and she needed to receive a new small bowel, liver and pancreas.  Unfortunately she suffered setbacks, including a cancerous condition sometimes triggered by organ transplants. 

She did not, however, die in vain.  Her parents, Scott and Katey Taylor, lobbied for tougher regulations to help prevent similar injuries and, in December, President Bush signed a law that bans the manufacture, sale or distribution of drain covers that don’t meet anti-entrapment safety standards.  It also incentivizes states to adopt comprehensive pool and spa safety laws including mandating that new pools be completely enclosed by a fence as well as educate pool owners, builders and service companies about drown prevention.

As we are starting to get into warm weather, please take a moment and consider the safety of your pool and every pool that your child might visit: 

  • Be sure that there is a fence with a self-closing and self-locking gate completely encircling the pool. 
  • Install a pool alarm as well as an alarm on any door or window leading out to the pool.
  • Have everyone watching your children certified in CPR and First Aid.
  • Keep a cordless phone with you at the pool at all times.

Too many times parents don’t consider the safety of public pools or other family’s pools.  Before allowing your children to swim at any pool be sure that safety measures are in place and that you feel completely comfortable with the surroundings. 


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