Hannah Loves Yoplait Kids!

P1010003I now have living proof that every child is different.  My first two, Spencer and Kelsey, are crazy about all fruits and vegetables.  While I’ve always served healthy foods, they just have naturally gravitated to them.  I will admit to having been rather smug when I picked Kelsey up from a party the other day and all of the moms were marveling how she turned down birthday cake for another plate of strawberries and grapes!

Then, along came my baby Hannah.  I have introduced foods in the same manner and tried to feed her the same food as Spencer and Kelsey but she will have none of it.  Mealtime has become a battle, trying to get her to eat healthy foods.  She has one or two fruits she will eat and a handful of vegetables but she is, without a doubt, the pickiest eater I’ve ever encountered.   I’ve even succumbed to bribery to get her to eat meals.  But I feel that I still have the upper hand because I get to bribe her with something that’s actually good for her!  The one thing that Hannah loves more than anything is yogurt and by far her favorite is Yoplait Kids.  Every day her mealtime request is "Dora Yogurt"  (they have Dora, Diego and the Backyardigans on the labels.)  The new Yoplait Kids yogurts are made with 25% less sugar and are not only a great source of calcium, vitamins A and D and protein, but also Omega-3 DHA (aka: brain food).  They come in  banana, strawberry, peach and vanilla flavors and are creamy enough that they stay on the spoon (Hannah loves demonstrating this every night by holding the spoon upside down and shaking it!)

Try it out with your kids – get a free Yoplait Kids coupon at www.yoplaitkids.com


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