What’s Your Sweet Valentine’s Message?

Today my son reminded me that this week will be February 1st which can only mean that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Every year I find myself scrambling to find some small but clever gift to get him and my daughters.  I try to stay away from the sugar-laden chocolate but, let’s face it, it’s Valentines Day and their just has to be a sweet treat!  That’s why I was so excited to learn about Fruit Roll-Ups new offering, My Fruit Roll-Ups.  They’re the fruit flavored snacks that we all know but now they can be customized and personalized with a message that you create.  When you visit the site, www.myfruitrollups.com, you can select a picture from a variety of categories including special occasion, sports, hobbies or animals.  Then you can add your personalized message.  My son is crazy for Fruit Roll-Ups and when he gets some delivered to his home for Valentine’s Day that say "You Rock Spencer, Love Mom" he’ll be completely excited! (And another one for my hubby isn’t a bad idea either!)

General Mills is so convinced that you’ll love My Fruit Roll-Ups that they’ve invited me to host a contest for Valentines Day.  Send me the sweetest message you’ve ever created or received – either from your kids or that special someone – and I’ll award the three people with the sweetest messages a promotional code to put that message on a box of My Fruit Roll-Ups.   But respond to me as soon as possible so that you can receive these in time for Valentines Day.


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