New Learning Software That’s Safe and Fun

Jumpstart_world_logo Internet safety is one of the largest issues that we as parents face today. With all the information available it is often difficult to decipher what is “safe” for our children to interact with online, or even on the computer in general. Even when a game claims to be safe and educational, we find ourselves still being a little skeptical, those types of promises are too often made without being completely true. However, one game now can provide us with the piece of mind that our children are learning safely on the computer and are games they will actually ask to play.

JumpStart World, created by Knowledge Adventure, is a bright, adventurous game that combines both the features that keep kids interested and the educational tools parents want. At the heart of JumpStart is a learning curriculum with hundreds of lessons containing the key skills to help our children progress. In addition, parents are also provided with progress reports and e-mails that keep you updated on your child’s navigation through the units. These units include math and reading that build a solid core to their education.

Since JumpStart World is downloadable software, you never have to fear that your kids may stray off into unsuitable content. It creates a safe, educational environment that both children and moms can enjoy.


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