Keep It Light For Kids In Car Seats

Kid_in_coat As I was on my way to Boston the other day I watched my car’s thermometer drop from 12F to 4F and fondly remembered my years in sunny California.  When it’s this cold, all I can think of is wearing thermal fleece and warm wooly coats.  It’s every mom’s natural instinct to bundle her baby up before taking her out and while this is great for outdoors, once you get in the car the coat needs to come off.  Heavy, bulky coats will compromise the secure fit of the straps on your child’s car seat.  Padded snowsuits and jackets add extra bulk and create a cushion between the seat straps and the child. Because that padding would become compressed during a collision, the harness is looser than it should be.  You should never be able to fit more than one finger between your child’s body and the car seat strap.

Rather, dress her in one layer of light-weight fleece and then place a blanket around the car seat once you have her strapped in.  Also, be mindful of overheating your baby once you’re back inside as this can increase your baby’s risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Layering is always your safest bet.


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  1. Aana Hazelip

    In winter, it gets very cold here. I drive an old car with no heat. There is no way that a blanket is enough. In that case, what else is there for me to do?

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