Creating Safe Holiday Celebrations for Kids

The holiday season is a special time for toddlers and children.  Presents, decorations, lights and food are all part of the magic.   These are also things that can present a danger to youngsters.  But, with a little planning and thought, parents can make it a fun-filled time for the entire family. 

  • During parties people might leave their handbags on the floor in an area your child can reach.  Everything from medication to loose coins and perfume could be dangerous if ingested.  Be sure to keep all purses in a secure location.
  • Candles are used more than usual during the holiday season.  Keep them out of children’s reach along with matches and lighters.  Place all candles in holders with large diameters to contain any wax dripping.
  • Elegant table settings can easily become a heap of china and crystal if a toddler inadvertently pulls a tablecloth off the table.  Use a festive runner in the center of the table with matching place mats instead.
  • Holiday

    punches and eggnog can look enticing to a toddler and child.  During parties be on the look out for abandoned, half-empty glasses that might be within a child’s reach.

  • Secure Christmas trees to a wall to prevent them from toppling over.  Install heavy-duty screws into the wall and loop green ribbon through the branches to tie.
  • Glass ornaments can easily slip from a tree and shatter into dangerous splinters.  Help children create homemade decorations or use plastic and wooden ornaments.  Additionally, keep the lower branches of the tree ornament free to prevent children from pulling on them.
  • Be mindful of gift baskets of food and cookies that might contain items that would pose a choking hazard to your child.  Carefully check for nuts, popcorn and other choking items before allowing your toddler to sample these treats.
  • Most importantly, please do not drink and drive!  Your children rely on you for a safe ride home.


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