Who’s Picking Up Your Child at School?

Kids_2 My daughter Kelsey started kindergarten this week.  She loved everything about it except taking the bus home after school. Unfortunately we’re the last house on the bus run so she was by herself which was a little frightening for her.  Of course I told her I’d pick her up from school instead.  It turns out that this was frightening for me!  What I realized is that, while teachers are outside monitorning that someone is actually picking up my daughter, they are not concerned who it is.  I merely drive my car up to the "pick-up" circle, roll down my window and tell the teacher that I’m picking up Kelsey.  Unfortunately anyone could do this!  Thinking that perhaps I was missing something, I checked the school handbook with all of the rules and regulations.  Unfortunately, nothing about "pick-up protocol" was included.  What if there was a restraining order against one parent?  How about a disgruntled ex-nanny or babysitter?  I’m curious to find out from you about your elementary school’s protocol regarding pick-up — or lack thereof…


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