Drowning Tragedies — Parents Speak Up!

Girls_in_poolI’ve blogged about this before but it’s such an important issue I need to get the word out again.  It appears as if a 6 year old boy in Greenwich, CT drowned over the weekend after becoming entrapped in the drain of an in-ground pool.

As parents, summer should be a time to look forward to, not to dread for fear of your child drowning.  And while it’s up to us to closely monitor our children when they’re in the water, the government must put some standards in place for helping safeguard our children. 

The Pool and Spa Safety Act (HR 1721) sponsored by U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D – Fla.) has beeen reintroduced to Congress.  Last year, it failed by 9 votes — that’s inexcusable.  We need to reach out to our representatives and let them know that our children’s safety is a top priority for us and needs to be for them as well.    



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2 responses to “Drowning Tragedies — Parents Speak Up!

  1. Concerned

    Unfortunately a number of companies that build a high volume of pool projects in the CT/NY area are not following the codes and the building inspectors are not enforcing the codes. There are so many pools/spas installed in this area with one suction grate (not an anti-vortex) over 3 or more suction lines. This is a disaster waiting to happen and unfortunately for this boy and his family it has happened. I’m very worried it will happen again and annoyed that these companies are still igoring the codes and getting away with it. Respectable, non-corner cutting companies are losing projects to these corner cutters all the time. There are kick back and bribes happening behind the scenes with the architects and builders that help this to happen. Very sleazy.

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