What You Need to Know About Toy Recalls

I was talking to some friends this weekend about the recall of the Easy Bake Oven – one of my absolute favorite toys growing up. I was amazed to find out how many of my friends with teenage daughters still have their Easy Bake Ovens in a closet somewhere.  The same was true for the recent recall on some of the Thomas The Tank Engine toys.  These are some of the "classic" toys that have been around forever and get handed down to younger siblings, cousins, friends etc.   

A problem arises when these toys are handed down and there has been a product recall that the new owner is unaware of.  This is why I always advise parents never to accept hand me down toys or products such as high chairs, cribs and especially car seats.  Safety guidelines change and product recalls effect specific designs and model date. 

In addition to avoiding hand me down items or those purchased from tag sales, keep the following safety thoughts in mind when purchasing toys:

  • According to the National Safe Kids Council, falls and choking cause the most toy-related deaths and injuries in children. Choking alone causes one third of all toy-related deaths – most from balloons.

  • Children 4 years old and younger account for almost half of all toy-related injuries and almost all deaths.

  • Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission website, www.cpsc.org, and sign up to receive notice regarding any juvenile product recall
  • Immediately fill out the manufacturer’s product warranty card when purchasing a toy or juvenile product so that you will be informed of any recall.

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