Hey Mom — Who Are You Sleeping With?

Baby_2 On Tuesday a 7 1/2 month-old baby died when he rolled between a bed mattress and a wall.  A U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission survey revealed that there are, on average, 64 deaths per year of children under the age of 2 from sleeping in an adult bed.  This is a tragedy that hits close to home for me.  In 1997 my first child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Since then, I have been preaching safe sleeping practices to everyone.  With my subsequent children, I wanted to keep them close to me at night, just to hear them breathing.  I loved my co-sleeper which allowed them to be right next to me but in a safe sleeping area.  I also made sure to keep blankets and soft bedding out of the co-sleeper. 

But I know that co-sleeping is a topic that moms have strong opinons about.   And, having experienced many bleary-eyed nights myself, I also know that sleep deprived parents will do anything to get their baby to sleep which includes bringing her into their bed.  Last year a New York Times article discussed the "dirty little secret" that moms, while recognizing they should not co-sleep with their children, were doing it in record numbers for a variety of reasons. 

What are your thoughts on co-sleeping?


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  1. I enjoy co-sleeping with my son.. I do not co-sleep with him when I know that I’m far too exhausted and could possibly harm him.. it’s usually during his nap time and even then, I am normally wide awake. Co-sleeping is the only time I am able to cuddle with my 9 month old as he is too busy for mom now!

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